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The Mission of The Metro Center of Tucson is to combat poverty, strengthen families and become an agent of healing by empowering individuals and the community through education, training, referral and outreach.


Our Vision is to create opportunities and encourage every young person to become a responsible successful adult


Our Values are to:

ü Make a commitment to excellence

ü Be willing to serve our community

ü Take personal responsibility

ü Develop good leadership skills

ü Develop personal integrity

ü Practice fairness where everyone is treated with dignity and respect

üUnderstand what it means to belong to a successful team



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Would you like to help a young person develop character and life skills? You can help in just a few hours a week! Mentors play a vital role in leading mentoring groups, modeling appropriate behaviors, encouraging young people, and assisting them to develop life skills and become valuable members of their mentoring team.

Mentors meet with their group of mentees weekly and help the young people complete projects and other fun activities. Some of the projects/activities you might complete with your mentees include:

  • • Gardening
    • Music
    • Rainwater and stormwater harvesting
    • Skateboard design
    • Arts and crafts
    • Reading and literacy
  • • Community cleanups
  • • Playground and park improvements

We ask that our mentors commit to working with their mentees for one year, as mentoring research shows the most effective mentoring relationships are those that last at least a year. We offer quarterly incentives (such as gift cards or day trips) to mentors and mentees that stay actively involved in the program. If you are interested, you can complete the mentor application and call or email to schedule a time to attend a mentor training. If you have any questions about the program, feel free to contact us anytime!

Current Mentor Resources:

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Relational Mentoring Information and Quiz

Appreciative Inquiry Training