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The Mission of The Metro Center of Tucson is to combat poverty, strengthen families and become an agent of healing by empowering individuals and the community through education, training, referral and outreach.


Our Vision is to create opportunities and encourage every young person to become a responsible successful adult


Our Values are to:

ü Make a commitment to excellence

ü Be willing to serve our community

ü Take personal responsibility

ü Develop good leadership skills

ü Develop personal integrity

ü Practice fairness where everyone is treated with dignity and respect

üUnderstand what it means to belong to a successful team



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Donation Page


The METRO Center is not only a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, it is an Arizona Certified Charitable Organization, meaning taxpayers in Arizona can receive a tax credit for donations of up to $200 per year ($400 for married couples filing jointly). You can mail a check to:

The METRO Center of Tucson
3255 N Campbell
Tucson, AZ 85719